Jürgen Botz

Deep Generalist

I am currently available for employment as a DevOps specialist or Python programmer.

IT Skills

IT Experience

Open Source Applications Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Head of Information Systems. OSAF was a non-profit software development group founded by Mitchell Kapor. In my role as Head of Information Systems I provided support and infrastructure for the development process and managed organizational IT for OSAF and some other non-profits. Additionally I participated in the software development process.
Google, Mountain View, CA
Manager, IT. At Google I was responsible for all aspects of Corporate IT while the company grew from 260 to 550 employees. Responsibilities included corporate infrastructure, Oracle Financials and other ERP systems, development of internal enterprise applications, and desktop support.
VA Linux Systems, Fremont, CA
Director, IT. I joined VA to head up a group responsible for development and operation of the e-commerce infrastructure. Unfortunately shortly thereafter VA made the decision to exit the hardware business and these efforts became unneeded.
Eazel, Inc., Mountain View, CA
Director, IT & Operations. A high-profile Open Source software and service company founded by several Apple veterans from the Macintosh group, Eazel had ambitious plans, a great product, and extremely talented developers. Unfortunately they failed to get a second round of funding at a critical moment and folded. Joining as employee #20 and soon leading up three key groups, I was heavily involved in many aspects of growing Eazel into a real company. In addition to building the IT infrastructure and directing the day-to-day operations, I took an active role in product development efforts by being closely involved in the design of Eazel’s services and by developing content through Eazel Labs.
Healtheon Corp., Santa Clara, CA
IT Manager. At Healtheon I was the principal manager responsible for all corporate systems, the internal network services, and support for all engineering activities.
InReference, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
Senior System Administrator. InReference was a startup company whose primary product then was a search-engine for collaborative content. As one of the first 10 employees I deployed the entire systems infrastructure, including building the machine room, setting up high speed Internet, etc.
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA
Academic Systems Consultant/Systems Administrator. At Mount Holyoke College I was responsible for setup and maintenance of academic computing labs and systems integration. In addition I was involved in building the campus wide computer network and setting up the college’s first Internet connection and related services.