Jürgen Botz

Deep generalist, systems thinker, polymath.

My principal assets are breadth of knowledge, ability to understand deeply, an intuitive understanding of systems, and a realistic outlook. My breadth gives me the foundations for learning new topics quickly since most of the time I’m not starting at zero. Then I have the tenaciousness to keep learning until reach a deep understanding of a problem and the potential solutions before deciding how to proceed. And through it all I keep mindful of what can realistically be implemented under the applicable constraints.

IT/Ops Skills

Work Experience

ITAPECO, Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia, Brazil
Founder & Director. ITAPECO is an (informal) “Institute of Alternative Technologies, Permaculture and Ecology”. At ITAPECO we conduct experiments in agroecology, agroforestry, permaculture, and sustainanable building methods and offer courses in those methodologies. We also work with preservation of the rainforest (Mata Atlantica) and offer help in regional reforestation projects.
Bailux, Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia, Brazil
Mentor. Bailux is a community action group which conducts educational projects mostly involving technology and digital media. As part of the group I helped build a hacker-space and taught local youths “meta-recycling” of computer hardware; that is recovering components from discarded PCs to build working systems running Linux.
Open Source Applications Foundation, San Francisco, CA, USA
Head of Information Systems. OSAF was a non-profit software development group founded by Mitch Kapor (Lotus). In my role as Head of Information Systems I provided support and infrastructure for the development process and managed organizational IT for OSAF and some other non-profits.
Google, Mountain View, CA, USA
IT Manager. At Google I was responsible for all aspects of Corporate IT while the company grew from 260 to over 500 employees. Responsibilities included corporate infrastructure, Oracle Financials and other ERP systems, development of internal enterprise applications, security of the corporate network, and general desktop support.
VA Linux Systems, Fremont, CA, USA
Director, IT. I joined VA to head up a group responsible for development and operation of the e-commerce infrastructure. Unfortunately shortly thereafter VA made the decision to exit the hardware business and these efforts became unnecessary.
Eazel, Mountain View, CA, USA
Director, IT & Operations. A high-profile Open Source software and service company founded by several Apple veterans from the original Macintosh group (Andy Hertzfeld, Bud Tribble) Eazel had ambitious plans, a great product, and extremely talented developers. Unfortunately we failed to get a second round of funding at a critical moment and had to close our doors. Joining as employee #20 and heading up three groups (IT/Ops/QA), I was heavily involved in many aspects of growing Eazel into a real company. One highlight of my work was pioneering the use of programmatically built virtual machine images for automating our QA efforts.
Healtheon, Santa Clara, CA, USA
IT Manager. Healtheon was founded by Marc Andreesen (Netscape) to try and bring healthcare into the Internet age. I was responsible for both corporate and production systems, including the company’s network, and IT support for engineering activities.
InReference, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Senior System Administrator. InReference was a startup company whose primary product then was a search-engine for collaborative content. As one of the first 10 employees I deployed the entire systems infrastructure, setting up the productions servers, our high-speed Internet connection, etc.
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, USA
Academic Systems Consultant/System Administrator. At Mount Holyoke College I supported faculty in all their computing related projects and was responsible for setup and maintenance of academic computing labs. In addition I was involved in building the campus wide computer network and setting up the college’s first Internet connection and related services. With Dr. Thomas Milette I set up a then state of the art GIS (Geographic Information Systems) lab.